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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Aug 3-10: Holden Village Musician

Andrea Sorum and I are heading to Holden Village in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State again this year.  This time in August, the 3rd-10th.  

I'd say "Join us!" but just read this on their website:/  

For the Lutherans among us, it's THE Pilgrimage to make so I'm not that surprised the WaitList is running.  

We had a lot of fun last year.  Here's a few of the pictures from that trip (since I didn't post them online already).

Deer in the Village
Views of the Mountains
(by the end of my stay, I could name them ... I sadly have forgotten!)
A little doodle art based on a Lao-Tsu quote my friend Paul Vasile
composed a little ditty on and sent to me during my roadtrip out to Holden.
"The Journey of a Thousand Miles ... begins with One Step!"
One of my good friends from college brought her family out to Holden.
And we got to go on a walk.
At the center of the Labyrinth at Holden is this quote.  
The Labyrinth at Holden is a one of a kind design.
One of my friends said it was the only labyrinth
he's had a spiritual experience on.
Hand carved love at the Hike Haus
Village Artist Sue Davies doing some LIVE Painting while
Andrea was performing in concert.
Staging Thecla with Natalie Renee
Andrea and John Hermanson holding down the pit
and roles in Thecla
Conie and Hal Taussig, co-director of Thecla
Taize candlelight service, Prayer Around the Cross
Conie, John H, Paul F-C improvising in the VC

Jamming in the Lift
Thecla's Mother and Rich Sponsor showing off their costumes
The ice cold glacier fed stream that is Railroad Creek
Lake Chelan, looking farther up the lake from Lucerne Landing
Leaving the Landing

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