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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Highlighting Anahata (Being a Dance Leader/Musician Means...)

We're getting to know Anahata Iradah, the featured guest Dance Leader and trainer for the 2019 Newton, Iowa Dances of Universal Peace retreat (Dancing Ourselves Awake & The Music and The Dance). We've asked her a few questions and she has been kind and gracious enough to answer them, even while she's travelling in Brazil! We hope you enjoy reading about this as much as we have!


Anahata leading Dances of Universal Peace

PLM:  What does it mean to you to share the Dances as a Dance Leader and Musician?

Anahata:  The most precious thing we have on this earth is our time spent here. So for me to be deserving of having a circle around me, it is my sacred responsibility to use that time wisely and well.

Because there are an infinite amount of possibilities and ways people can spend their time, I realize that they have selected to be in the circle because there is an experience their soul is needing.

It is my job to find out what that might be in any given moment and also to find out what the group soul needs as well.

So once I have tuned in to what that need is, it is my job to shape the energy, to prepare the space, to create the opening for that transformation to take place. Whether as a dance musician or leader, it is my job to use my gifts to meet that need in the best way I know how. All the time listening, fine tuning, crafting and shaping that experience in the same way an artist applies the brush to the canvas. The results will be felt on many levels, and can bring inspiration and courage as well as states of deep peace and silence. So there is a responsibility to wear the mantle of leadership with respect and humility.

Join us for The Music & The Dance or Dancing Ourselves Awake, late April in Newton, Iowa.  Follow the links for more information and to register.  

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