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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Seeing God Exhibit 2019

You're invited to ...

What:  "Seeing God" 2019 Juried Exhibit of Sacred Art
Where:  Benedictine Center Of St. Paul's Monastery, 2675 Benet Road St. Paul, MN 55109 (map)
When:  now through March 8, 2019, open 9a-6p daily

Related events
- Opening Reception:  Wed, Jan 30, Feb 6, 7-8:30p
- Artist Conversation: Sun, Feb 10, 1-3p

Some of the artwork in the 2018 "Seeing God" Show

For the second year in a row, Conie has stepped outside of the music box and into the realm of visual art.  


Have you ever felt confined to a particular medium/format/instrument?  Someone may have dubbed you the musical one and so that's all you can do ... or would get recognition for ... 

Me too.  

My story of tiptoeing into visual art started about 5 years ago.  I was observing, as one does on social media, a friend receiving accolades for drawings she was creating.  She was good and definitely worthy of the kudos.  But I couldn't figure out why I felt hurt.  Was it because a mutual friend and former beau of mine was giving the complements?  (spoiler: the brain is sometimes irrational)

Through the windy illogical path of reflection, I finally realized that something within me needed to be expressed in a visual medium.  And I needed to free myself from the "Musician Only" title to do it.  

Allowing myself to be a beginner in visual expression has allowed me to just be.  To let my attention wander.  To try something and see what happens.  To practice letting the brainstorm and troubleshooter attempt something and notice my thoughts.  And to accept myself.  

Apparently, I showed up on the page (and Instagram) pretty frequently for a year or so.  And then the practice shifted as life does.  

I recently bought a few mixed media sketchbooks and markers on sale.  There may be more coming up...

Anyway, back to "Seeing God."  Here's the post from Drop Off Day 2019.  

Here's a close up of the original when it was painted last year.  What do you sense?  

Curious what I submitted in 2018?  Here it is in its original Instagram glory.  And here's the post from last year.

Blessings on all the expression that is within you and yearning to be out in the world.  

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