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Friday, February 10, 2023

Feb 12: Grief Sing at *Re(center)ed Community Healing Shanty

Re(center)ed burning with artist Jayson Randall,
Liz Digitale Anderson (playing the drum),
and others singing and bearing witness. 
Photo credit:  Catherine Reid Day

Last weekend (Feb 4), GOOD TROUBLE added guest appearances to the *re(center)ed* community healing shanty installation before and after our Subzero Singalong sets at Art Shanty Projects.  

We were so intrigued after encountering it the first weekend (Jan 21) that we asked the artist, Jayson Randall, and their team if we could add a sound dimension to their beautiful installation. To share what might happen, Conie shared part of Ahlay Blakely's "We Are Not Alone" song and they immediately said yes, how would you like to collaborate?

We were deeply moved by the community drawn together and the sounds we made that we decided to plan a few more times for this Sunday, February 12.  


What:  Community Grief Song Circle @ re(center)ed community healing shanty.  Part of Art Shanty Projects 2023 Festival.

When:  Sunday, February 12, 1 & 3 p.m.

Where:  Bde Unma/Lake Harriet, Minneapolis.  Specifically look for the installation east (house left) of the bandshell.  

Why:  Because we're not intended to carry grief alone, "in one body" as Ahlay's song says.  Come and be together.  Create a larger container for our larger collective grief.  Let it move through you and us so we can healing and grow.


p.s. If you spot more pictures and videos of Liz and I song leading, please tag us #GoodTroubleSings!

Here's a social media post that give a small sense of the installation:  

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