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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Songs from the Subzero Singalong at Art Shanty Projects

It's seems appropo to release the list of songs we sang at the Subzero Singalong (Saturdays, January 21 & February 4) at Art Shanty Projects on the day Mni'sota is digging out from a deep snowfall!  

You need good SNO SHANTIES* to sing while you shovel, don't you?

Here's a list of the Shanties we adapted with some of our favorite verses. Go to the link to see all of our verses and to let us know if more verses found you while on snow duty! 
  • We'll be Alright (as the Blizzard Rages On!)
    • ... if the house is snug & warm
    • ... if the pipes don't freeze & burst!
    • Well, a snow day off of school wouldn't do us any harm ...
  • Way Hey! Scrape and Shovel! (riffing off of Drunken Sailor)
    • What would we do without our shovels?
    • Is it Day 1 of a snow emergency? Is it Day 2 ... Is it Day 3?!?
    • Are the wipers frozen to the windshield?
  • Heya Ice!  Heya Snow!
    • When I was a child my mama told me / There’s No bad weather, just bad clothing ...
    • Old man Blizzard ain’t scaring no one / We lived through Halloween 1991!
  • Away! Haulaway!
    • The city says the flakes must be gone one day after snowfall / Away, Haulaway, we’ll haul away snow / Push it heave it shove it chip it, just be done before nightfall / Away, Haulaway, we’ll haul away snow
    • When you shovel please make sure you bend your knees to save your back / Away, Haulaway ... / Please don’t lick the flagpole if you wanna keep your tongue intact / Away, Haulaway...
* Shanties are work songs so a group, say on a ship, could work in time together. A leader would spool out the first line and everyone would echo it back.Here's other songs we sang in order by title, with winter specific songs bolded at the top:
** Local musician/songleader

We love hosting song circles of all types (check out the ones in March for grief and change)!  Let us know if you're interested in partnering to host or promote or <insert your preferred job title here>.

Keep singing for joy and revolution!  Stay warm, graceful, and creative!

Love, Liz and Conie, i.e. Good Trouble

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