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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Snow Shanties #4: Way Hey! Scrape and Shovel!

Good Trouble, with our punny friend Karen Martinson, rewrote some classic sea shanties* for our landlocked Mni'sota winters. They were shared at the Art Shanty Projects festival during the Subzero Singalong this winter 2023 and were a hit!

Central Mni'sota is about to receive a foot or more of snow this week. So, we thought it's a good time to release these for use beyond the Art Shanty festival. Enjoy!

Four shanties were re-worked. Here is the last one!

* Shanties are work songs so a group, say on a ship, could work in time together. A leader would spool out the first line and everyone would echo it back.

Way hey, scrape and shovel

Way hey, scrape and shovel!
Way hey, scrape and shovel!
Way hey, scrape and shovel!
Early in the morning!

Verse 1
What would we do without our shovels (x3)
Early in the morning?    Chorus

Verse 2
Use a snowblower, is it cheating? ... 

Verse 3
Not if a wheelchair can get through it...

Verse 4
Please go check on your shut in neighbors ...

Verse 5
Gotta get to work, let's pray my car starts ...

Verse 6
Are the wipers frozen to the windshield? ...

Verse 7
Is it day one of a snow emergency, is it day two..., is day three...

Verse 8
Is the parking odd or even? ...

Verse 9
Will the kids finally get a snow day? ...


What verses would you add? Drop them in the comments!

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